Beyond the Presentation: Repurpose Your Webinar for More eLearning Options

Webinars are a useful way to convey information and training in the eLearning realm. They offer two-way interaction, document-sharing between instructor and audience, plus materials can be uploaded in advance. Participants are more inclined to ask questions via keyboard chat, than raising their hand or speaking up in a classroom setting.

But what about when the Webinar is over? Is there a way to repurpose that content to get more out of the experience?

Here are some examples of how to repurpose Webinar content:

  • Slideshows – continue using the slides created for the webinar as an independent slideshow learners can use as a reference whenever needed
  • Flashcards – you can learn how to make flashcards from PowerPoint here
  • Podcasts – just like you can use PowerPoint slides as a slideshow, you can upload the audio from a Webinar to create a podcast for your archives
  • Quizzes – create interactive quizzes using the PowerPoint template from the Webinar – for ideas, click here

For more information about how to design your Webinar with repurposing in mind, check out this article for helpful suggestions.