Busting LMS Myths


Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) seem like large, mysterious infostructures that are impossible for the lowly instructional designer to comprehend or set-up, or so people have come to believe. LMS’s are having difficulty shedding the enigmatic reputation even though they have become more user-friendly since their inception.

Adobe recently released a free, recorded webinar discussing the five myths that still surround LMS’s. The webinar focuses on Adobe’s Captivate Prime LMS, but much of the information can be applied to other Learning Management Systems.

The five myths that are addressed are:

  • Myth 1: An LMS is hard to use, hard to set up, and hard to live with
  • Myth 2: An LMS is an operational expense, not an investment in success
  • Myth 3: An LMS is exclusively for eLearning courses
  • Myth 4: LMS administration is painful, cumbersome, and ineffective
  • Myth 5: An LMS doesn’t meet the needs of rich interactivity, streaming video, and learner engagement

The webinar is one hour and available here.