A large manufacturer was losing its veteran workforce due to retirement and plant-shutdowns. Most of the knowledge for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in the plant was developed through the employees’ years of experience. The client needed a way to capture and retain that knowledge for future employees.


Radcom recommended a comprehensive manual to be used as initial training on all electrical systems in the plant and later used as a reference by the employees.

Radcom interviewed subject matter experts to gather knowledge retained by veteran employees, took photos of instrumentation and components, reviewed engineering drawings and existing manuals, and participated in installation and maintenance procedures to create the training manual.

The manual was completed using Microsoft Word so that the client could complete updates as needed. The training manual contained background information on how the entire plant operates; a map of all key electrical components with cross-referenced tag numbers, alarms, and shut-offs in the plant; troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair instructions; and illustrated parts list.