A global home improvement manufacturer recently spent millions of dollars on the development of an innovative touch and hands-free faucet for upscale homeowners. The initial focus groups reported frustration with operating the revolutionary features. Additional training requirements were identified such as training the sales and showroom representatives how to demonstrate the features, benefits, and operations; plumbers how to install a faucet with an electrical hook-up; and consumers how to operate and maintain the faucet.

The company desired to create a multi-tiered customer experience that would provide the necessary training and information to the appropriate audiences. They wanted training as groundbreaking as the faucet and in-depth enough to avoid customer frustration.


Radcom was hired by a video production company to assist with the design and instructional development of the training. Radcom conducted a needs analysis to determine what information each audience group needed and the best method to deliver the information. We then created a project plan for developing the necessary training and information for the audiences before the faucet launch at a national product convention.

Radcom and the video production company collaborated to create instructionally sound, engaging, and easy-to-use training materials. The final deliverables included the creation of a hands-on experience in model kitchens at the product convention for the sales and showroom representatives. The sales representatives also received launch kits with sell sheets and product information. Two DVDs were created: one was to provide video instructions for plumbers on how to install the faucet, and another for consumers on how to operate and maintain the faucet. An installation and operation manual was created with step-by-step instructions, pictures, and troubleshooting. Finally a quick reference, pocket-card with key points of information and customer service contact information was included with the materials. The plumber and consumer training materials were packaged inside a sleekly designed DVD case and provided with the faucet.

The entire multi-tiered customer experience training materials were developed in time for the national product convention launch and were greatly received by the sales and showroom representatives. Feedback from plumbers showed that the video and manual helped to alleviate initial hesitations in working with electrical hook-ups and assisted in easy installation. Consumers enjoyed trying out the faucet features that they watched in the video and the pocket-card was the perfect size to keep nearby in case it was needed.

After the exceptional response from the target audiences, Radcom and the video partner received an Award of Distinguished from the Society of Technical Communication for the training materials. This is the highest honor the organization awards.