A product manufacturer developed a custom product for the US Navy and was required to provide an operation and repair manual using MILSPEC standards.

The client did not have the internal resources to complete the manual within the tight time frame nor the knowledge to write using MILSPEC standards. They needed a company that could be flexible with their unpredictable schedules and review cycles.


Radcom started by reviewing a manual developed for the commercial version of the product. Radcom then met with the client’s internal source matter experts (SMEs) and the Navy’s SMEs to gather the necessary information to create the manuals for the Navy’s custom product.

Radcom became the central project coordinator keeping the project moving and holding to the original scope through several client and Navy personnel changes.

This allowed the client to deliver the operation manual and the repair manual on time, on budget, and to the Navy’s standards meeting their contractual obligation. In addition to creating the manuals, Radcom also created a template for the client using Microsoft Word that could be used for future projects requiring MILSPEC standards.