A regional insurance provider committed to expanding their eLearning offerings, but found themselves short-handed. A number of existing instructional eLearning courses required updates and plans had been developed for additional courses to be converted into eLearning courses, but due to the time of the year and lack of availability, the insurer’s internal resources teams were unable to update the training curriculum themselves.

A regulatory change in training requirements resulted in a mandate that the insurer must adjust or update several of the training courses they provided. Since internal resources at the company were limited, Radcom was brought in to assist in updating these courses to comply with new regulations.

There was a fairly rigid—and at times aggressive—timeline for when the new training courses would be implemented by the insurer; thus, Radcom had to adapt their approach based on what courses the client chose to prioritize. Radcom was asked to use Adobe Captivate by the client in order to translate classroom PowerPoint-style presentations into eLearning courses based on the source material provided by the client.


Radcom created a timeline for each of the courses that needed to be updated or converted, and working methodically, converted them into effective eLearning training courses. Radcom used a rapid development cycle approach, creating storyboards directly within the eLearning development tool in order to reduce development phases. Radcom made many improvements to the efficiency and clarity of the course material—including the writing, images, and storyboards that were provided to them—in the course of conducting their updates.

Radcom took the information provided by the client, converted it into effective eLearning courses per the client’s requests, and successfully implemented all updated training courses on or ahead of schedule. Beyond the initial success achieved, the client was thrilled that the “rapid development” approach during the initial round of updates allowed even more eLearning courses to be completed than originally planned, completing nine courses within the established timeline instead of the expected six. And the efficiency did not stop there. “The implementation of the courses Radcom developed for our company has shortened our training by a week!”, the client was happy to report, yielding sustained value for the company.