Fall in Love Again – with Your Career

loveyourwork2Valentine’s Day reminds us to appreciate the ones we love, and that special “someone” in our lives. But what about appreciating the “something” we spend 40 hours a week devoted to – our jobs?

In professions that require heavy doses of creativity, writing and design, burnout can happen but it’s not inevitable. Author of The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron, recommends finding little ways to “restock your creative well.” These small additions can go a long way toward avoiding stagnation in your work output.

Here are a few suggestions for rediscovering the spark and passion in your career.

  • Creativity in a box – these creativity cards have inspirational quotes to remind you of the qualities that make you remarkable
  • Work with all five senses – we’re often caught up in the visual aspects of our careers, but taking a moment to incorporate all our senses can enliven our work environment…learn more about how to use color to enliven an office as well as engaging all five senses here
  • Be okay with failure – “When failure is not an option, we can forget about creativity, learning and innovation” – with this quote, Brené Brown reminds us that creativity is not a static goal, but a continuously evolving spectrum of possibilities

Need more inspiration? Click here for ideas of how to restock your well of creativity and deepen your passion for work.