Get the Most out of Conferences

There are many excellent reasons to attend conferences and trade shows. You can go to generate interest in a new product, for research on your competition, to expand awareness of your company’s offerings, or to enhance your own professional network.

Below is a list of considerations to think about before, during and after a conference to make the most of it:

  • Establish Goals – by establishing the purpose of attending and setting goals for your sales team in advance, you have a better chance of achieving your objectives
  • Identify Positive Interactions – keep a note of positive interactions so you can follow up with these people after the event; in addition, offer a giveaway to entice attendees to sign up for your newsletter or to leave their business cards
  • Note Competitor Prices and Deals – even if you’re not attending an event for the purpose of researching the competition, it may be helpful to take note of other exhibitor’s prices, deals and/or giveaways to see what seems to appeal most to attendees
  • Display Your Social Media – be sure to include your social media information prominently on your exhibit so attendees can easily connect with you online, to learn more about who you are and what you offer
  • Follow Up Promptly – follow up with those positive interactions and memorable connections you made by booking appointments with key prospects the week after the event

For those remaining in the office, click here for great strategies your company can use to lend additional support to your sales team at conferences.