Is Revamping Your Onboarding the Answer for More Engaged Employees?

Not always.

In a recent article in Forbes by Meghan M. Biro, she points out that millions of dollars are spent by companies to attempt to engage employees, but these endeavors rarely work. they add a lot of flash and glitter to onboarding programs but do not address the real problem. She recommends that companies should make sure that their culture and brand align with their values for new employees as well as existing employees.

Biro suggests that there are two key values for companies: “Supporting your employees as people with lives” and “living your mission statement.”

You can read the full article here – Employee Engagement 101: Does Your Culture Value Humans?

What does this mean to the instructional designer?

inspirar-al-equipi-liderRemember your ADDIE …

Before spending weeks to create new training programs that feel like a high school pep rally just because the powers-that-be said the company needs more exciting courses to engage employees, spend time researching if training is really the issue. Nothing makes a training course fall flat faster than it not solving the problem it is intended to solve. You will be happier, your company will be happier, and your employees will be happier.

Train right and train smart.