Is There a Place for Social Media in Training?

social-media-imageThis week I attended a local Accelerated Learning event on Using Social Media Platforms to Continue the Learning. It was a great session and got the wheels turning on ways to incorporate social media in training programs.

Yes, there are draw backs. The biggest objection raised at the meeting was confidentiality. Social media is not an appropriate solution if the training includes sensitive or proprietary company information. However, consider using it for safety training, leadership training, and other general topics.

Here are some ideas on implementing social media into a training program that the group came with:

  • Create a group on LinkedIn or Facebook. Post relevant questions or problems to start discussions with learners.
  • Create a twitter hashtag and post links to articles, websites, and videos for learners to discover more.
  • Create an Instagram hashtag for learners to create vision boards.
  • Create a Pinterest board and invite learners. Have learners search for and post relevant articles and images.
  • Use YouTube for instructional and inspirational videos.
  • Post your PowerPoint presentation on SlideShare for future reference.
  • Use eHow instead of printed job aids.

The key is to engage the learners. Get them talking and researching on their own. Continue the learning outside of the class with self-discovery and reflection.

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(No, I’m not going to supply you with the answers, but I do encourage you to reply with your thoughts on why and how. Either leave a comment here or post a comment on one of my various social media posts: @jessiner, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest.)