Keep Your Networking Momentum Going

You just returned from a great conference, or tradeshow, where you met so many contacts! Now what? Once the flurry of excitement and activity has settled and you’re back at the office, how do you keep the networking momentum going?

Here are a few suggestions:

Get Organized – gather business cards, napkin notes, and any other contact information in one place.

Prioritize – separate your contact information into three categories: high, medium, low. High is the group with the greatest probability for a beneficial connection, professional or personal. Low is the group that isn’t the right fit.

Follow Up – once you’ve decided who is a good fit, within the first 24-hours to a week, follow up via social media or email. Here’s a link to possible templates that take the awkwardness out of writing follow-up emails.

Stay Connected – keep up with your valued contacts, congratulate them on LinkedIn for a work anniversary, or wish them a happy birthday on Facebook. Often, small acknowledgements make a lasting impression.

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