Knock, knock. Who’s there? Thiagi 4Door Learning Approach.

How can you get your learners to actually learn? Do you want to empower them to choose the learning method and amount of content that is best for them? How can you develop one training program to meet the needs of a large, diverse group of individuals?

Enter Thiagi with a solution! If you don’t know Thiagi, take some time to look through his website. There are a ton of goodies, but what caught my attention today is his 4Door™ eLearning Approach. (Thank you Geraldine Voost for bringing it to my attention in Revisiting Thiagi’s Four Doors Concept).

Thiagi created a concept that allows learners to learn in a way that is best for them by providing them with options. They can learn in the “Library” by reading a bunch of articles and websites; They can learn by talking to others in the “Café:” They can learn by playing games on the “Playground.” The learners spend as much time in each room as they feel they need to master the objectives. The only requirement is to pass a performance assessment through the “Assessment” door.

Check out Thiagi’s 4Door eLearning Approach.