Radcom is more than just a team of talented writers. We are training and documentation experts with years of experience in many industries. We follow a proven process to ensure quality, accuracy, and timeliness in developing solutions for our clients.

The Radcom Process: Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver


During the discover phase we conduct a needs analysis to pinpoint the real problem and issue, identify the specific needs of the audience, and determine if the new information is a transfer of knowledge, an introduction of a new skill, or a change in behavior.


In the design phase we work with your team to create a project plan, which sets the roles and responsibilities, project scope, and milestone timelines, We also create a design plan, which identifies the deliverables and establishes the look and feel of the training and documentation.


In the development stage Radcom works with your subject matter experts to create a draft of the deliverables. We perform a quality audit to ensure the deliverables meet our high standards. Once approved by our QA team, the drafts are presented to you for review.


All files, graphics, and documents are provided to you at the completion of the project. Radcom does not retain rights to any of the deliverables created for your project.

During the delivery, Radcom works with your team to evaluate your project experience and identify areas for improvement. Continuous improvement benefits both Radcom and our clients.

Contact us today and learn how you can put our time-tested process and skills to work to solve your specific training development or technical documentation challenges.