Required Skills for Solving Problems in the Jetson-Age

We live in a world of constant change. The computer you bought today is outdated by the end of the year; self-driving cars are a reality; and who knows what amazing possibilities virtual reality will reveal.

Unfortunately, an important subject is being neglected in the US educational system. Other countries have already realized that to meet the technology and manufacturing demands of tomorrow and to fuel future economic growth, they need to start teaching creativity and innovation to the younger generation and the current workforce.

The United States has enjoyed being at the top of innovation for decades. However, what worked in the 20th century is not working now. In a Bloomberg study in 2015 on the most innovative countries, the United States was ranked sixth behind South Korea, Japan, Germany, Finland, and Israel. It is important that we look at what other nations are doing as they surpass us as top innovators.

Major corporations realize the dangers of declining innovation and the lack of creative ideas coming from US employees. The good news is that creativity is not a talent people are born with—it is a skill that can be learned. When people learn creative thinking, they can apply that skill to develop innovative solutions to problems, like using drones to cut costs in replanting the rapidly shrinking rainforests.

I am very fortunate that creativity is one of the core values where I work. Not only do they encourage creative ideas to solve our clients’ problems, they also want to help others to become more creative. Toward this goal, I am tasked with writing a book about using creativity to solve business problems. I am also developing workshops to teach how to foster creative thinking in the workplace and how to apply those skills to innovative problem solving.

Have you noticed a lack of creativity and innovation in your company? Do you wish your employees would come up with solutions to problems on their own? Have you ever thought that you “just aren’t a creative person?” Here is your chance to help build a workshop to address these issues! To help create the creativity and innovation workshops, I am conducting a survey. Please take five minutes and complete the survey by clicking the following link. For completing the survey, you will receive a discount on a workshop when they are rolled out.

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