Same Mission, New Direction: Empowering You to Accomplish More

At Radcom, our mission has always been to Excel Now. Embrace the Future. Learn Always. It’s a mission to which our blog has always aligned as we’ve sought to share insights with our peers regarding what we do every day, and how we’re striving to do it better.

Today, we are expanding upon that mission as we take our dedication to education and continuous improvement one step further. Moving forward, you can expect more expert advice, useful insights and tailored resources designed with one goal in mind: to empower instructional designers, product managers, business leaders and their teams to carry out their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Because fundamentally, we want to help you drive positive results and infuse continuous innovation into your daily lives, whether you’re working with us directly at the moment or not.

When the time comes to write your next standard operating procedure, design your next training program or change the paradigm around creative thinking in your organization, we will be there for you. Until then, you can look here (and across our other communication channels) for answers. We know from working with diverse clients in a wide range of industries the sort of challenges you’re facing every day, so we’ll be equipping you with the tools to overcome lackluster documentation, inconsistent procedures and other hurdles to your productivity.

For starters, check out our new Knowledge Capture Checklist. Chances are good that you have pockets of knowledge residing with your long-standing employees, especially as Baby Boomers within your organization prepare to retire and a new generation takes their place. If you don’t have a proactive process for capturing that expertise before they walk out the door, your organization is at risk of losing part of your competitive advantage. Run through this checklist to identify areas of risk and start putting procedures in place to create more sustainable operations now.

Expect to see more resources like this from Radcom in the coming months. These tools will help you assess your needs and find your direction; then once you’re ready, chat with our experts to customize a solution that’s right for you.

If you haven’t already, sign up for our emails to be sure you don’t miss the next release. We look forward to continuing to provide you the insights and expertise for which we’ve always been trusted while equipping you to be more successful day-in and day-out in the process.