Would Shared Workspace Work for You?


Have you considered how your work environment impacts your productivity – or how adjustments to that space could improve your focus and outlook on work?

What about collaborating with others, even if we don’t share a single office space? The increased flexibility of how we spend our workdays requires new, fresh approaches to collaboration. 

For those who work remotely or don’t have a specified office to arrive at every day, a shared workspace can offer several benefits:

·         Keeps you on task – for some, working from home is so convenient, but it can be a challenge to separate work and life. Distractions like children in the background, or daily demands like the dishes piling up in the sink, can throw your productivity off course.  Shared workspaces allow you to rent a desk or a corner of an office space, a less expensive option for getting out of the house, away from distractions.

·         Provides a collaborative environment for startups – splitting an office space with other startups, you can schedule your conference room in a shared workplace to encourage employees to gather around and openly discuss or debate concepts and ideas, versus disrupting a coffee shop or trying to talk over others at a restaurant.

·         Offers a technology-friendly atmosphere – if you need to rent an office space to give a virtual presentation or webinar, shared workspaces can provide you with a professional background free of clutter and distractions, equipped with wi-fi, whiteboards, etc.

The concept is unique and fun and certainly fulfills a niche, and although it is still getting off the ground in smaller cities, shared workspace is catching the attention of investors throughout the country.

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