So many apps, so little time…

– This post is by Therese Longo, my right and left hand (and sometimes my brain).

My first generation iPad mini was about to die, so I recently decided to retire it and buy myself the new iPad mini 4. I love buying new electronics and this time was no different. I rushed home to take it out of the box and set it up. After the initial set up, I was eager to install my apps. It was fun to look through all the apps I’ve used over the years…the ones that became favorites and those that I never really explored after the initial install. Among the latter, were those that I thought I could use as an instructional designer.  I’m now revisiting these apps, exploring their capabilities and usefulness. As I do, I will share what I find with you in this and future posts.

The first is Captivate Draft, a free iPad app that allows you to create storyboards on the go. These storyboard drafts can then be distributed to the team for review and imported icapnto Captivate 9 for further development. It also integrates with Adobe’s other iPad apps such as Color, allowing you to use custom color pallets. It’s a great tool to get preliminary ideas down during design meetings. I’ve created a short video with an overview – Adobe Captivate Draft.

I haven’t had a chance to try it myself on a project, but would love to hear any feedback you have on how it performed.