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5 Phases of Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning (AL) has been shown to speed up the design process for instructional designers, and enhance the learning process for learners. It focuses on total learner involvement, because people retain more and learn better when they actively participate...

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Divergent Thinking in eLearning

Divergent thinking: creative, open-ended, spontaneous, unexpected, out of the box. With these unstructured descriptions of divergent thinking, how could this lend itself to eLearning instructional design? In his article titled “Divergent Thinking in eLearning: What eLearning Professionals Should Know,”...

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Use Effectance Motivation to Make Learners Hungry for More – Like a Shark!

By Guest Blogger: Rob Catalano, MA – Senior Learning Consultant at Bravo Wellness So how do you use effectance motivation to keep your learners’ skills up to date, without them getting bored? Well let me share my fish tail,...

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