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Does Your Company Need Training or Facilitation?

At first glance, training and facilitation can appear to be the same thing – knowledge sharing. However, there are important differences that can help you decide whether a trainer or a facilitator will best suit your business needs. According...

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Why Team-Based Learning Works in the Workplace

Even if you weren’t into science, the lab portion of class was usually interesting, memorable and fun. In teams of two or four, depending on the structure of the lab tables, you teamed up with a partner (or three)...

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Use Effectance Motivation to Make Learners Hungry for More – Like a Shark!

By Guest Blogger: Rob Catalano, MA – Senior Learning Consultant at Bravo Wellness So how do you use effectance motivation to keep your learners’ skills up to date, without them getting bored? Well let me share my fish tail,...

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