Take a Break and Get More Done

“Sorry, I can’t go to lunch, I really need to finish a few more things.”

“I had to miss another yoga class last night. I’m just so swamped at work that I can’t seem to get everything done!’

Do these or a variation of these sound familiar? It’s not surprising that people are overworked, burned-out, and stressed. We see it everywhere.

Many people act as if being overwhelmed is a badge of honor. If they constantly skip lunch and other activities, it shows their dedication and expresses to others that they are working the hardest at their job.

I say they are foolish.

Taking a break and enjoying life outside of work creates better mental health. Better mental health means you think more clearly. You think clearly and you get stuff done.

Have you ever been late leaving your house for an important appointment only to start running around searching for your keys because you don’t remember where you put them? If you could go back, take a deep breath, and calm yourself, do you think you would have found your keys faster? When we rush around in a frenzy, we are too busy telling our bodies what to do, instead of listening to what our brain has to say.

So, take a break for lunch. Walk around the building and breathe in the fresh air. Find a dark corner and take a power nap. You’ll find when you return to your desk, your mind is sharper and ready to conquer your To Do list.

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