The Forgetting Curve

Memory-RetentionOnline or in the classroom, instructional designers have long struggled with how to improve learning retention beyond the training environment.

Take, for instance, the study conducted at a top university that gave summa cum laude graduates their same final exams one month after graduation. They all failed. This led researcher Leslie Hart to conclude: “Final exams are final indeed!”

This familiar conundrum among instructional designers has been termed “The Forgetting Curve” – the wicked stepsister of the learning curve. No glass slipper will magically transform all learning retention issues, but here are a few practical ideas that can help!

·         Refer to these clever, easy ID strategies in 7 Brainy Ways to Boost Knowledge Retention

 ·         Use technology – it’s been shown that technology-rich learning environments enhance retention

 ·         Employ Keller’s ARCS model – the ARCS model of motivational design can help learners better engage with the course, which improves retention