Try Action Mapping When Designing Training

Action mapping can be a very helpful tool when developing training. It helps to streamline training by delivering the information that is needed to get the results desired. The resulting training is scenario-rich, and project sponsors can see how the training directly relates to the business goal.

Action mapping looks similar to mind mapping but it is significantly different. When you mind map, you chart information as it comes to mind. There is no concern with how items relate to one another. Action mapping, on the other hand, charts items that relate to the identified business goal and its dependencies. Everything relates back to the business goal.


Cathy Moore is the Queen of Process Mapping and she provided a great guide here. Her four step action mapping process includes:

  1. Identify the business goal.
  2. Identify what people need to do to reach that goal.
  3. Design activities that help people practice each behavior.
  4. Identify the minimum information people need to complete each activity.

Give action mapping a try on your next training project.