Using PowerPoint As a Graphic Tool

As writers we wear many hats.

many hat

Some of these hats fit better than others and no two writers are the same. I personally struggle with the illustrator hat.

Like most writers, I can use SnagIt to capture screenshots and I know the basics of editing images in Photoshop. Where I start to panic is when I need to make major changes to a graphic. I either spend too much time editing to create a mediocre graphic, or I spend too much time searching for a better graphic that is already available.

I came across a video that walks through how to easily make minor revisions to a graphic that have a big impact and the tool use to make the changes is PowerPoint. Yes, I said the tool used to make edits to a graphic was PowerPoint! (and for you smarty pants, these were not vector images.)

You have to see it to believe it. Check out the video by Articulate here.

Here are a few other articles about editing graphics directly in PowerPoint:

Now I feel a more comfortable donning the illustrator’s hat. But what I really want to know is when are they going to ask me to wear the pirate hat? Aargh!

pirate hat