Feel Confident that You Will Get Results

We work with a lot of business leaders who are frustrated because the performance of their people isn’t meeting expectations— maybe productivity is down or maybe their team isn’t prepared for a new product launch. Sometimes they just can’t keep their best people around. Using a proven process we call “Get together. Get it done. Get it right.” we help these leaders and their organizations improve business results by improving the performance of their people, so they experience higher profits, happier employees, and delighted customers.

You and your people deserve to love your work. When you have a performancedriven culture, loving your work becomes a more natural result.

The Radcom Proven Process:

  • Get Together.
  • Get It Done.
  • Get It Right.

This means you can feel confident knowing you will get results.

Get Together.

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    Align. Aligning with you is the first step in the process. This is about making sure we are a good fit for each other. Establishing a strong relationship from the start provides the most lasting value.
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    Discover. You want to discover the real issues that are keeping your organization from peak performance. To get to the best solutions, we ask the right questions. This helps us discover the root issues that need to be solved and identify the intended business impact.
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    Commit. When you engage on a project with us, our commitment is to provide solutions designed to help you solve your problems and achieve your desired results. You are also making a commitment to digging in with us, providing your team’s expertise and experience, and trusting our expertise in performance improvement.

Get It Done.

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    Define. When defining success, the focus needs to be on the things—or outputs—people produce instead of the behaviors they exhibit. It is also important to determine the quality standards related to a particular output. This way, everyone knows what a good output looks like.
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    Investigate. Once it is clear what good performance looks like, it’s time to fully understand what contributes to success or hinders it. The goal here is to investigate existing processes, available resources, feedback systems, culture, and more, both internally and externally. This creates a complete picture of the challenges your organization is facing.
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    Solve. Sometimes you need help solving existing problems. Other times you need help preparing for new initiatives by identifying solutions that will have an impact on performance. We understand your problems are unique and require their own personalized solutions, which is why we don’t provide “off-the-shelf” options. Every solution we offer is customized just for you.
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    Measure. What good are great recommendations if you don’t know if they actually work? Measuring the results is just as important as creating the solution. Working together with you, we help identify the best way to measure the results of the solutions developed. This typically includes a metric you are specifically looking to impact, such as quality, number of errors, client satisfaction, time to complete, etc.

Get It Right.

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    Evaluate. After every project, all primary stakeholders are brought back together for a post-project debrief. This meeting allows us to collaboratively determine what went well and in what areas improvements could be made for future engagements. Additional ways to leverage the project deliverables are also discussed, as well as other performance support that could make the deliverables more effective.
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    Gather. An effective evaluation also includes checking in with you at predetermined intervals to gather information about how the solutions are working, and what measurable results you are seeing. Adjustments may be recommended based on feedback or results.

Then, it’s time to circle back to Get Together to refine the current solution or to help solve the next issue.

Our Promise

We perform a quality audit on all deliverables, and we are happy to share our Quality Audit Checklist with you. In fact, we are so committed to the quality of our custom training and documentation solutions that we will correct – free of charge – any discrepancies you find within one year of the delivery of the final project.

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