We follow a proven process for performance improvement to ensure quality, accuracy, and timeliness in developing solutions for our clients. Here’s what you can expect throughout the “4 D’s” of project progression when you work with Radcom:


We conduct a needs analysis to pinpoint the real issues, identify the specific needs of the audience, and determine if the new information is a transfer of knowledge, an introduction of a new skill, or a change in behavior.


We work with your team to create a project plan, which sets the roles and responsibilities, project scope, and milestone timelines. We also create a design plan, which identifies the deliverables and establishes the look and feel of the training and documentation.


We collaborate with your subject matter experts to create a draft of the deliverables. We then perform a quality audit to ensure the deliverables meet our high standards. Once approved by our Q.A. team, the drafts are presented to you for review.


All files, graphics, and documents are provided to you at the completion of the project. We also work with your team to evaluate your project experience and identify areas for improvement. 


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Our Promise

We perform a quality audit on all deliverables, and we are happy to share our Quality Audit Checklist with you. In fact, we are so committed to the quality of our custom training and documentation solutions that we will correct – free of charge – any discrepancies you find within one year of the delivery of the final project.

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