How Much Does Performance Consulting Cost?

performance consulting cost

We know it’s on your mind. How much does performance consulting cost? It may even be one of the first questions you asked yourself: “This company sounds promising, but how expensive are they?” 

We get it. You want someone who will do good work, but you also want a performance improvement partner that’s affordable. 

We aren’t afraid to address the question, but we are afraid you may already know the answer: It depends. 

We know; we know. That’s not the answer you were looking for. We hate “It depends” answers, too, but that doesn’t make it any less the right answer in this case. 

Don’t worry. We aren’t going to take the easy way out and leave you hanging. Let’s dig in a bit further. 

How Do We Measure Up to Competitors on Price? 

By the nature of our business—enabling effective knowledge transfer and performance improvement for our clients—we customize the solutions we provide to the needs of each organization with whom we work. There are no hard-and-fast, set prices for the work we do. Everyone’s needs are a little different, and we do everything we can to tailor our offerings to meet those needs.  

We are a premium provider of training design, technical documentation, and performance improvement services. That fundamentally means we aren’t the cheapest option out there.  

If you want the absolute lowest price, there are independent consultants who offer some of the same types of services we provide. They likely won’t offer ALL the same services—most offer training or documentation, but not both. You likely also won’t benefit from the broad experience and proven processes you’ll find working with a full-service performance consulting firm. 

That said, we are certainly not the most expensive option out there by a long shot, either. We charge a fraction of what some of the “big guys” charge—especially those in large cities or on the East or West coasts. We deliver positive outcomes for our clients just like they do … we just provide a better value while doing it.  

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What Goes into Determining Radcom Pricing? 

While we can’t give you a set price without knowing your situation, we can give you an idea of what factors influence how we get to a final cost for performance consulting services.  

Starting with a needs analysis is one of the most cost-effective ways to start identifying opportunities for improvement in your business. For analysis work, we consider the depth, breadth, and type of analysis (performance, training, and/or documentation) required. From there, we formulate our estimate. 

Maybe you need a training program developed for your team. To determine the investment for such a program, we consider: 

  • What is the desired mode of delivery for this training (web-based or instructor-led, virtual or in-person)?  
  • What is the estimated seat time in minutes for the training?  
  • What development tool will be used for creating this training? 
  • Will there be audio required? 
  • Are there existing templates we can use? 
  • How many SMEs need to be interviewed? 
  • How many rounds of reviews will be required?  
  • What source material exists?  

Based on these factors, we use an estimating tool we have developed to determine pricing. We do the same thing for our non-training offerings, too, though different factors influence the cost of different services we offer. 

If you are looking for technical documentation or process documentation, we consider factors such as page count, whether or not we are updating an existing document or creating one from scratch, whether there are existing templates to work from, how many Subject Matter Experts need to be interviewed, and how many tasks are involved in the process. Once we know that, we can give you a good idea of what level of investment is required. 

It’s a Tough Question, But Finding Your Answer is Easy 

The good news is that we can give you a great idea of what it would cost to work with us. All it takes is a quick chat about your needs. We offer free brainstorm sessions and project estimates—just shoot us a note or give us a call at (330) 650-4777 to talk through your requirements. We look forward to hearing about your challenges and offering help wherever we can.

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