Investing in Human Performance Consulting: What Does Performance Improvement Look Like for Your Business?

Investing in Human Performance Consulting?

Whether you want a good deal on a piece of furniture or a strong ROI on a business expense, you want to know you’re getting good value when you make a purchase. The greater the investment, the more that return matters to you, so, naturally, you’re asking yourself, “Is it worth it to work with Radcom? What do I get for my investment?” 

We understand, and we’re happy to shed as much light as possible on the situation.  First, though, let’s take a slight detour.  

In addition to considering the investment needed to address needs within your organization, there’s another question you should be asking yourself, too.  

What is the Cost of Not Addressing Your Business Performance Challenges? 

In some cases, the cost of leaving an issue unresolved is obvious. Perhaps scrap rates are high because employees aren’t following proper procedures during manufacturing. Maybe safety violations or injury rates are climbing. It could even be that unhappy customers are taking their business elsewhere. 

In other cases, the ongoing costs may be less obvious, but still very real. Lost productivity, high turnover rates, sagging employee morale, and fewer referrals can all have a negative impact on your bottom line. According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), it costs on average six-to-nine months of a lost employee’s salary to replace them. Investing in a performance analysis that uncovers opportunities for better expectation setting, feedback loops, resource allocation, training, or other interventions could cost far less than replacing an experienced worker. 

There’s typically a cost to doing nothing. When considering the path you want to take to tackle the challenges that brought you here, don’t presume that maintaining the status quo is necessarily a “cheap” option. It may be the case that a modest investment now will be your best means of minimizing your long-term costs.  

Now, back to the original question at hand. 

What Will I Get for My Investment in Human Performance Consulting? 

As we mentioned in our post answering, How much does performance consulting cost?,” we customize the services we offer to clients because the specific needs of individual organizations have too much bearing on the right solutions to their challenges. Now, when we say we customize our offerings, we don’t simply choose from a batch of traditional service offerings, add a few together, and make a recommendation to clients. We rarely find that it is as simple as saying “you need a training program to improve performance in your organization,” but rather, “let’s work together to get to the core performance needs and deficits in your organization. Then let’s determine the right interventions to deliver the best results for you.” It’s a collaborative sort of customization, but it boosts ROI. 

That said, we can (and do) create performance improvement strategies and appropriate solutions that suit our clients’ needs and budgets. Sometimes that means adjusting the scope of a project, and sometimes it means helping them space out larger investments in a way that makes sense for their budgets. We want to make it as simple as possible to do business with Radcom, and we want to make sure the solutions we offer are appropriate for each engagement. 

You can get some ideas of what goes into determining the price of engagements in this article, but ultimately, the answer to “What do I get for my investment?” in the strictest sense of deliverables will depend on the human performance challenges you’re facing and the customized approach we collectively determine is the best means of addressing those challenges. 

One thing you can be sure of is that you’ll get an approach based on our proven process for delivering positive, meaningful performance results. You’ll receive thorough communications and check-in meetings to be sure you understand where projects stand. You’ll work with team members who bring rich expertise and decades of experience helping diverse clients. You’ll know that the project was completed the RADCOM WAY—following an outcomes-based approach focused on maximizing your long-term success. You’ll also be covered by our quality guarantee throughout the process: “We’ll provide 24 hours free to transition to a new consultant for any reason within the current contract.” 

If You Want a Better Understanding of Performance ROI, Just Ask. 

We are happy to chat with you about what you can expect from a specific engagement with us, how a project can best fit your budget, or any other questions you might have. We offer free brainstorm sessions and project estimates. Just send us a message or give us a call at (330) 650-4777. 

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