Performance Improvement Consulting: How We Avoid Asking Too Much of You and Your People

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If you are coming to Radcom for support, you are seeking to improve performance among your team members in one way or another. It could mean identifying behavioral influences that are preventing your team members from creating high-quality work outputs and then making plans to better set them up for success. It could also mean giving them better documentation or developing training so they know how to complete tasks more effectively. 

In any case, you likely want your team members to be more productive and more effective. However, if the processes by which we develop interventions designed to improve performance require your people to walk away from important work or do their current jobs less efficiently, isn’t that counterproductive?  

Improving Performance Does Take Time 

Temporarily sacrificing productivity in the name of improving overall performance can be a hard concept to embrace, and it prevents some organizations from investing in initiatives that would deliver significant long-term value for them. They don’t want interviewers to pull workers away from important tasks or slow down production processes by asking employees questions about what is being done, how, and why. 

These are reasonable concerns. To get any performance improvement initiative right will require some amount of target performers’ time, regardless of the initiative type and whether it’s carried out internally or with the support of experienced performance consultants. Still, there are ways to control how much time is required of your people, and while you may not suspect it, outside experts can often provide the most value with the least drain on your resources. 

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Adding Value is About Minimizing Downtime 

As we covered in a separate article regarding how much time we need from you to do our jobs effectively, our team of consultants knows the questions to ask, the level of detail to seek, and how to be efficient with your time while providing maximum value.

  • When we shadow employees as they do their jobs, we are mindful about not only what we ask, but when we ask it to not interrupt work. Our professional information gatherers balance the need to gather details with the need to avoid disruption. 
  • While we value open communication with project teams and subject matter experts (SMEs), we ask only for meetings with people who need to be there, and we only request as many interviews as are needed to get the right information to do our job.  
  • We follow a proven process for information gathering and deliverable creation, and we pair you with our experts who have the necessary experience interviewing, observing, and assessing across diverse industries to make the most of your team members’ time.   

We know that working with performance consultants is not in the job descriptions of any of your accomplished performers or operations team members. When we ask them to meet with us and share details about how they do their work, we are asking them to go above and beyond their day-to-day responsibilities. Our promise to you is that we will respect their busy schedules in every interaction we have while still delving deep enough to create impactful solutions to improve performance for your business. 

To gain a better understanding of what to expect from an engagement with our team, reach out to schedule a free brainstorm session with us. 

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