Performance Improvement Consulting: Understanding How Much Time Is Needed from Your Team

performance improvement consulting time needed

Sometimes, the question is not whether or not you need help from outside specialists to achieve performance improvement goals within your organization, but whether or not you have time to engage them. Can you dedicate enough time to supplying human performance consultants with the information they need to effectively help your team? How much of your time is needed? 

These are valid questions, and they are ones we like to hear prospective clients ask because it means they’re thinking ahead proactively, considering how they will receive the maximum ROI from working with us. As you might imagine, however, the answer is “It depends.” 

There are many factors that affect how much time we need from our clients. Some of these include: 

  • Defining the problem. It is important that we fully understand the problem(s) you are facing and what exactly is causing that problem. Getting there takes expertise in questioning and the ability to explore the depths of the input we receive in order to uncover the “real” problem. Once we have identified the real problem, we look at the next step.  
  • The scope and scale of the project. The scope involves the breadth and depth of the project, while the scale focuses on the complexity of the project. Does it involve an entire department and many roles and tasks, or is it limited one role and one or two work outputs?  
  • How we solve the problem. This can range from addressing non-training issues to developing specific training interventions. A mid-level solution might be a series of training scenarios with updated processes or an eLearning course, or maybe an employee guidebook that provides expectations for performing a particular role. The more complex the solution, the more time that is needed from the client.   
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We Will Not Take More Time than is Needed 

No matter what, we don’t want to take more of your time than is needed to solve your problem. We know that when you engage a firm like ours, it’s because you not only value our expertise, but frankly, you also have other things that need your focus. We don’t want to get in the way of that. Our experienced team knows the questions to ask, the level of detail to mine, and where to draw the line between valuable inquiry and unnecessary requests. We will be efficient. 

Here are a few things you can count on in regards to your time when you work with us: 

  1. Initial kick-off meeting. We always start by aligning with our key client points of contact on what the process will look like throughout the project and addressing any assumptions. We want to set expectations up front as much as we can. 
  1. Content gathering. Regardless of the service we provide, we will need background material. That can come in the form of existing documentation, interviews, on-the-job observations, or other methods. The amount of content gathering required depends on the factors listed above. 
  1. Reviews and answering clarifying questions. After content gathering and after we meet to review the findings or send deliverables for your review, we make sure what we understood about your business and situation is accurate, appropriately conveyed, and solves your problem. Earlier reviews and analyses discussions tend to take the most time. 
  1. Weekly check-in meetings. These are typically 15-minute standing meetings throughout the project to quickly discuss the project status, cover any lose ends, and address any issues. If there is nothing to discuss in a given week, this meeting is cancelled. 
  1. Wrap-up meeting: We typically like to meet with your primary subject matter expert and project manager at the end of the project to discuss lessons learned and address any final details. 

Looking for more specifics on process and time commitment for specific project types? You can learn a bit more about what to expect when working with a technical writer or instructional designer, as well as what is involved in a performance analysis on our website. 

Find the Efficient Support You Need 

We know your time is valuable, and while our services are valuable, too, the efficiency with which we can deliver them makes a big difference for you. When you work with us, expect proactive communication and respect for your busy schedule. To gain a deeper understanding of what an engagement could look like, schedule a no-cost brainstorm meeting with our team. 

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