Unique Businesses Require a Unique Approach to Performance Improvement

Unique approach to performance improvement

Your business is unique. It’s a fact. 

Others might conduct business in a similar manner, have a similar organizational structure, sell similar products/services, or use similar tools but there’s no other company just like yours. 

Your business may actually be way different from even close competitors—so different, in fact, that you have to wonder if any consultants or potential business partners could ever quite “get it” enough to provide the support you need to overcome obstacles and achieve at the next level. 

It’s a reasonable concern. 

We realize it’s a concern that may well extend to working with us, too.

It’s also a concern we’re not afraid to address, because others have had similar concerns in the past.

As we discussed in our recent “3 Ways We Get to Know Your Industry” article, many of our clients’ businesses are complex. That’s why they need our help with not only effectively transferring knowledge to employees, users, and others, but equipping those learners to exhibit the skills and behaviors needed do their jobs effectively. This sometimes involves development of training, technical/process documentation, or offering performance improvement support. However, it’s always customized, because those clients work in diverse industries and have unique businesses, too.

We’ve supported the needs of aerospace pioneers and medical device manufacturers, nationwide construction firms and cement mixer software companies, and public utility companies and industrial automation experts, as well as government programs, food manufacturers, and financial service providers. You can read about some of them here.

Many of them wondered if we could gain a robust enough understanding of their industry and specific businesses to make a lasting impact. Yet, none of them walked away from engagements disappointed.

Business performance improvement

We Don’t Need to be Experts in Your Business. We Are Experts in Inquiry.

We are professional information gatherers with decades of experience asking the right questions, observing the right people, and analyzing the right information to create impactful performance improvement solutions, training, and documentation. We bring an outside perspective to each project we undertake, which allows us to avoid falling victim to the “curse of knowledge” and to look at problems with genuine curiosity, unburdened by being too close to the application. 

We typically observe and interview a cross section of people in the role that we are observing. We find it is good to see the exemplars in action, but it is often equally insightful to see how tasks are performed by people who are new or struggle to do a specific job. We understand the importance and impact of the information that we gather during these observations, and we recognize how that information can translate to interventions that support improved or exemplar performance. We dig as deep as necessary to get the information we need to help you achieve your goals—but we don’t ask for more of your time than we need to analyze the problem. Your people have jobs to do, after all.

We also have a proven process that guides how we engage with our clients. We call it the RADCOM WAY, and you can read about it here. It helps us ensure we are methodical in our approach, finding the best solution for your business no matter how long we have been partnering. Throughout the process, we communicate openly and regularly, keeping you apprised of progress, challenging assumptions, and adjusting as needed to provide as much value as possible. 

Our process, combined with our people, is our not-so-secret sauce that helps us feel confident that no matter how different your business may be, we can handle it. We can learn it. We can get you where you need to be to achieve your organizational performance improvement goals. 

Still Unsure if We’re the Right Fit? Let’s Talk It Over.

We want you to feel good about working with Radcom, and we want to ease any fears we can before we get too far into an engagement. We encourage you to reach out to get to know us and so we can get to know you in the process. We offer FREE brainstorm sessions, and we hope you’ll take advantage of one to find out if we’re a fit. Just reach out here or give us a call at (330) 650-4777. We’re looking forward to it.

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