Employee Errors Causing Problems?

Radcom - Reducing Errors

Are employee errors causing a waste of time and money?

Employee errors are dangerous, can cause damage to equipment, and can cost money in scrapped or reworked product.

Companies working with Radcom have improved safety and reduced costs related to wasted resources and downtime by creating effective training and documentation for employees.

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Featured Case Study

The Safety Director at a major medical device manufacturer received a phone call from a salesperson with a disturbing question. The salesperson was at a customer’s office and a woman asked if she could take her oxygen tank into the MRI room. The salesperson did not know how to answer the question even though all company salespeople had received a job aid outlining the Do’s and Don’ts of MRI safety and attended a one-hour online course explaining MRI safety. The Safety Director worried because this was not an isolated incident. Similar issues around MRI safety had been happening with more frequency in the company. This was a potential employee error with a deadly result.