You know that in order for a business to perform well, its people have to perform well.

And yet, sometimes you feel like you are throwing money at improving results and nothing is changing. Expectations are high, but budgets are tight. Employees have been trained and re-trained, but performance isn’t improving. You know there has to be a better way! Sound familiar?

At Radcom, we help you better understand what’s needed for your people to thrive and for the business to succeed. We will ultimately help you improve business performance and build a phenomenal culture for the entire company.



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Instructional Soundness

Whenever you are attempting to teach someone something or even just getting them to remember it, interactivity is important because humans learn by doing. However, we only learn if we are doing the right things. After all, I can sit on my couch knitting while watching gymnastics every day for the rest of my life, […]

Use Your Words

It happens to the best of us: you want to use a word but suddenly realize you aren’t quite sure what the word really means. I mean, you do, but DO you?   If you aren’t sure whether you are using a word correctly, the best thing you can do is look up its definition. You […]

Better Retention Through Accomplishment-Based Career Path Design 

Employees value an employer who invests in their career growth, according to a recent LinkedIn Learning report. Employees are more likely to leave if they don’t see a clear career path they can use to move forward within your organization. Instead, they will find growth opportunities elsewhere, leaving you with open positions to fill and […]