You know that in order for a business to perform well, its people have to perform well.

And yet, sometimes you feel like you are throwing money at improving results and nothing is changing. Expectations are high, but budgets are tight. Employees have been trained and re-trained, but performance isn’t improving. You know there has to be a better way! Sound familiar?

At Radcom, we help you better understand what’s needed for your people to thrive and for the business to succeed. We will ultimately help you improve business performance and build a phenomenal culture for the entire company.



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Accomplishment-Based Career Path Design with an Insurance Company

An insurance company engaged Radcom for a career path design project. The company was seeing an increase in resignations because employees weren’t seeing a path for their career growth within the company. Upon further analysis, they determined that creating career paths for their employees would be a good solution to their problem. They decided to […]

Performance Profiles and Evaluations: A Municipality Success Story

The Background Radcom was approached by a growing municipality with union workers. The city recognized it needed to add classifications for its employees in order to differentiate performance and skill levels, as well as pay structure. Because of this, it wanted to standardize job roles and create a defined career progression within those roles as […]

What Is Performance Improvement?

Performance improvement uses a systematic approach—known as performance analysis—to uncover those issues within an organization that cause performance problems. Performance problems occur when work fails to meet minimum requirements for success. Once performance problems are identified, the interventions necessary to correct them can be determined. This can be as simple as making sure expectations are […]