Learning from the Best

DemoFestWant to learn how to create award winning eLearning? Need to kick-start your creative juices with new ideas in online and mobile learning?

The eLearning Guild recently recognized several stellar eLearning and mobile developers in their DemoFest. These award-winning developers were able to showcase their creations in a live webcast called Best of LS DemoFest. Now, eLearning Guild has made a recorded version of that webcast available to everyone. This is your chance to see what innovations developers are creating in eLearning and what tools they are using.

Many of the developers made available the full course demo and the native course files so you can see how the course was programmed. As you watch the webcast, keep an eye on the Chat feed for the links (which are active, even in the recording).

I particularly enjoyed when the developers provided the business problems they faced and why they choose the various training solutions.

Check out the recording and learn from the best.