In order to catch up to and surpass the customer experience provided by competitors, an investment firm decided to implement a new web portal which would provide account holders with the ability to manage their accounts, submit processing requests, and receive transaction updates online. The endeavor would help transform the way clients interact with the investment firm, and simplify the way that business was conducted. There was also a need to reduce errors and redundancy in transaction processing, making the entire process more efficient. A new employee training program was necessary for this project, and Radcom was contacted for assistance.

The planned changes to the web portal required quite a substantial redesign from the previous version, and both employees and technicians needed guidance on how to effectively operate the system. A structured training program was necessary to ensure that all associates of the firm knew the end goal of the project. Once the wheels were in motion to get the new system up and running, the clock was ticking to ensure employees across the company were equipped to use the new portal effectively, and to assist clients whenever they used the portal.

Moving to a more modern digital interface required new training procedures and specific instructions for employees from more than 20 different departments. Radcom would complete high-level training, while the client handled internal department training. An additional challenge was that the web portal was being developed alongside the training program, so there was little in the form of concrete information to design the training around. This added natural complications to completing the training program within the requested timeline.


The client wanted a multi-faceted solution for their new system that included a manual for instructor-led training, an eLearning course for interface and functionality overviews, and quick reference guides. Radcom determined that supplementing the walkthroughs with example scenarios would also be helpful, so when employees came across similar problems, they would have a better understanding of the issue. Radcom set about drafting the necessary collateral, and ultimately completed the project before the new web portal was implemented.

Despite the challenges inherent in creating documentation and training programs for systems still under development, all guides were finalized in far less time than estimated and within the parameters of a modest budget, exceeding the client’s expectations. Radcom also ensured the final product was an effective learning and reference tool by going beyond what was asked of them.

“The classroom materials that were developed for this project were easy to follow and execute”, said the client’s Supervisor of Learning & Development. “Our company was able to successfully train hundreds of employees to perform their roles efficiently using the new platform, as well as provide them hands-on learning using the scenarios that were developed to accompany the classroom materials. The eLearning course that was created for this project has helped us to easily introduce hundreds of associates to the interface of the new client platform and continues to be used as an onboarding tool for new associates.”