A global electronics manufacturer used nine different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications for their various businesses. They had several documents in varying degrees of completeness, clarity, and format for their accounts payables business processes.

The company wanted to have all of their accounts payables ERP processes fully documented and organized into one comprehensive procedural manual that was accessible to all employees.


Radcom traveled to North Carolina to meet and shadow several accounts payable employees. Radcom observed how to perform procedures for the following ERP applications:

  • Two versions of Oracle
  • Fourth Shift
  • Infimatics
  • Two versions of Visual Manufacturing
  • Two versions of BAAN
  • MXP

Radcom documented the procedures for the payment processing and vendor maintenance functions for all of the company’s ERP applications using Adobe FrameMaker. The final deliverable was a comprehensive procedural manual in PDF format with a linked Table of Contents. Each chapter started with a linked “procedure-at-a-glance” for a high-level reference, perfect for the experienced user. Clicking on one of the high-level procedures opened the detailed instructions for more in-depth information.

The manual was an effective reference tool for existing employees and a training tool for new employees. The efficient and consistent procedures helped streamline the accounts payable activities; saving time and increasing data accuracy.