Ins and Outs of Infographics

DigitalChalk: 8 Free Infographic Tools for Online Learning

I’ve mentioned before how much I love infographics. They are great for conveying complex information in a simple, visual manner. I’ve compiled information explaining the benefits of infographics, how to create infographics, and free infographic tools.

Why you should use infographics:

Christopher Pappas created an article providing seven reasons that you should use infographics.

  1. They offer a visual step-by-step task guide.
  2. They simplify complex concepts or ideas.
  3. They increase knowledge retention.
  4. They align with your brand image.
  5. They improve employee satisfaction.
  6. They serve as a convenient job aid.
  7. They engage distracted corporate learners.

You can read the full article here.

How to create infographics:

Skilledup for Learners interviewed Mike Wirth, a world-class infographic designer, to get the 411 on creating infographics. The article is long, but it is packed with excellent information if you want to learn how to create awesome and effective infographics.

The creation is broken into five steps, conception, data analysis, visual metaphor, design, and publish and socialize.

The full article is How It’s Made: Learn How to Create Your Own Infographic with Designer Mike Wirth. Additional tools for learning to create infographics are An Introduction to Information Design, Mike Wirth’s YouTube Channel, and Tuts+.

Free Infographic Tools

Free is always my first stop! My favorite free tool for creating infographics is Piktochart. It’s easy and has lots of free templates.

Digital Chalk created a list of nine infographic tools (the article says eight but they include a bonus). The list includes a description and a link to the sites. Check it out here.