Inspiration in the Workplace

mlk-jr-famous-quote-wallpaper2This week we celebrate the life of a man whose inspirational message changed a nation. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. continues to captivate us with his courage and strength in the face of adversity. Being inspired by someone is one of life’s greatest gifts. Inspiring others is one of life’s greatest achievements.

Have you ever considered how you can inspire people at work? The office may not be the first place you think of where you can make a difference in others’ lives, but it may provide that chance to change perspectives and offer unexpected opportunities. You can be a leader in your work environment in a variety of ways. Trainers and facilitators are natural influencers, and have a built-in opportunity to expand knowledge and positively impact coworkers.

Entrepreneur and executive Jeff Boss offers 9 Awesome Ways to Inspire Others in the workplace. Your experience and dedication can make a difference, offering inspiration to others in ways you may never have imagined.