Creating a Knowledge Transfer Strategy

eLearning Success Playbook

Are you struggling with creating a knowledge transfer strategy? Or is the current strategy unsuccessful and you don’t know why?

The folks at Ed Threads created a playbook for creating a successful eLearning strategy, but it can also be applied to any type of project where transferring knowledge is the goal.

The playbook consists of three stages:

  1. Strategy – Identify the strategic purpose, the learner profile, and the content priorities
  2. Architecture (I’ve make this more generic to encompass different types of knowledge transfer) identify the technology solution, is the format user-friendly and appropriate to the information, identify learning pathways
  3. Design – Appropriate designer (instructional designer, technical writers, content marketers, etc.), incorporate 3M (meaningful, memorable, measurable), use an iterative processf or development

Get further details on the eLearning Success Playbook here.