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Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions and Job Aids

Understanding the Difference and the Value to Your Company If you are like most people, you have heard words like “policies,” “procedures,” and “processes” used interchangeably before. And unless you use terms like “SOPs,” “work instructions,” and “job aids” regularly, you...

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8 Ways to Find Problems to Help Generate Creative Ideas

New ideas are essential to company success. Without new ideas, there is no growth or improvements. However, after a while ideas get stale; working on the same problems with the same people can result in the same ideas. Don’t...

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5 Phases of Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning (AL) has been shown to speed up the design process for instructional designers, and enhance the learning process for learners. It focuses on total learner involvement, because people retain more and learn better when they actively participate...

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